Currently the following vacancies are available:

Bc. and MSc. (Ing. or Mgr.) positions

Potential candidates are always encouraged to apply.

Ph.D. positions

There are two positions being opened in 2023. Potential candidates should either contact directly Dr. Kaleta to ask for more details or apply online.

1. Multiphotochromic Molecular Machines

The multiphotochromic systems are made by interconnection of two or more photoswitches (molecules, whose geometry can be reversibly switched using light). Individual parts (photoswitches and unidirectional molecular motors) of these molecules will be selectively activated/switched by action of a light of defined wavelength. The goal of this Ph.D. project is design, synthesis and study of these unique molecules and their possible utilization for construction of first prototypes of molecular machines of this kind. Special attention will be dedicated to various combinations of individual photoswitches as well as the type of their mutual interconnection (orthogonal vs. non-orthogonal).

2. Molecular Propulsion Units

Goal of this Ph.D. project is the synthesis and investigation of a unique class of light-activated systems with attempted use as fully synthetic propulsion units. The light-powered molecular motors whose basic principle is inspired by bacterial propulsion units form the functional heart of these systems. Special attention will be paid to the correlation of their geometric and physical properties.